The Brecken Vale

The Tomb of Sextus Varius

enter Krug and the Venoc Vipers

15 Flamerule, Year of the Shining Mythal (1501)

A few days ago, Abbot Brightreaver asked us to visit him in the cathedral.  Upon our arrival he informed us that Verosely has sent word that while tracking the kobolds to the south the party split.  The largest group of kobolds continued on south towards the lighthouse while a smaller party has moved off to the east in to the woods.  The Abbot asked us to go and see what was going on with that group.  Before we left the Abbot gifted us with some items from his personal collection that he felt would help us with our adventures.  Jaden received Gauntlets of Ogre Power. Cargiroth was given a Belt of Returning. Kanjiclan was given a Ring of Spell Storing. While I was not given anything new it would appear that I am going to be able to keep the Ring of Healing I have been using that belongs to the Abbot as well.

After receiving our gifts we departed along the road south to follow these kobolds.  It took a little over a day to find where they were and thankfully our night watch went by uneventfully. We found the kobolds outside a tomb and after watching them for a while determined the patrol pattern that they were using and prepared to take them unaware. Kanjiclan was able to put one of the kobolds to sleep. We were hoping to ask him some questions. Unfortunately, Kanjiclan was a little two forceful while waking him back up and he died. Kobolds are quite fragile.

We entered the tomb and discovered a mural on one wall depicting a battle with strange beasts and creatures fighting a mighty warrior.  We would learn that this warrior was Sextus Varius. We also discovered an oath carved into the wall opposite of the mural.  There were a few kobolds in this first room and we were able to discover that they were being forced to work for someone named Krug. We defeated these kobolds and after having some trouble with a scythe trap we made our way to the next room.

We were not really prepared for what we faced in this room.  Here we found one of the largest ogres I have ever seen. He was far more armored and better equipped than other ogres as well. This was Krug. With him were two creatures that were very deadly. We learned they are called Venoc Vipers. These venocs are very quick and quite poisonous. Every strike they make againt you they poison tries to enter the wound as well.  Krug warned us to leave but we stood our ground and fought them. Cargiroth and Kanjiclan almost fell after one attack from a viper but in the end we overpowered both vipers and Krug. This was when things became interesting.

In this room there was a statue on a pedestal and carved into the stones leading up to the statue were these words:

"If you are to keep this, you must first give it to me "

It turned out there was a hidden doorway in this chamber and the answer to the riddle opend the door. The words carved into the wall of the first room were an oath. 

I, Sextus Varius, swear the Delian Oath. To serve law, battle chaos, and strive to keep the Delian lore secret.

Each of us in turn gave the oath and the door opened at the rear of this room.  Inside we saw the ghost of Sextus Varius.  He told us about the Delian Order. There were other zombies and skeletons in this room. Sextus Varius was a member of the Delian Order who fell many many years ago and this was his tomb. Krug and the venoc vipers were trying to enter his tomb to find any information about where the Delian Order were hidden.  Sextus told us there was a Keep to the Northwest hidden in the mountains were member of his order were once based. If we are to learn more about the Delian Order we will need to make our way there and see if any of the Order remain.  We have all taken the Oath of the Delian Order and to Sextus Varius that now makes us members of the Order as well.

- Acolyte Adrim


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