The Brecken Vale

Searching for the Keep of Delian Order

unnaturally frozen

30 Flamerule, Year of the Shining Mythal (1501)

After leaving the Tomb of Sextus Various we returned to Rivenshore. Along the way, we encountered a lone goblin and an ogre. This ogre was not like Krug but was still a bit of a handful. We were able to defeat both of them without serious injury and after an uneventful night of camp we continued home.

We visited the Abbot and gave him a report of what we found in the tomb. We did not tell him about the Delian Order and thankfully he didn't really ask a lot of questions either. Kanjiclan asked the Abbot if we can use his library for research and he agreed to do so.  We searched for information on the Delian Order but were unable to find anything about them. Jaden decided to acquire some new armor and then we retired for the evening before departing to search for the Keep Sextus Varius mentioned in the north west.

Our journey to the Keep was uneventful thankfully and our overnight camp was quite too.  As we kept moving into the mountains we came across what appeared to be a man frozen into a very lifelike statue. This frozen hero was unlike anything we had ever seen before. The ice was very unnatural. Cargiroth was able to break a piece of jewelry off the man and it was a emblem of the Delian Order.  A thorough inspection of the man also revealed that he was very much dead and had been for many years.

We continued up into the mountains and as we approached a hidden valley we could hear the sounds of a battle.  We entered into the valley and found the gates of a castle under seige by kobolds and some of the venoc vipers we encounterd in the tomb. We entered the conflict from behind and caught many of the kobolds unaware. While we fought the enemies at the gate, the people in the keep seemed to stop fighting back.  We defeated the enemies and a call came out from the top of the gate tower "Who are you?"  Before we could answer there was a roar from the sky. The clouds had fallen low and were obscuring what was hiding in the sky. As we ran for a suddenly open gate we had to dodge the breath of what we can only assume is white dragon.  I was nearly felled by the beasts breath but I was able to make it inside. The rest of us made it inside as well. Now to find out who let us in.

- Acolyte Adrim


jason_snipes jason_snipes

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