The Brecken Vale

Searching for the Keep of Delian Order
unnaturally frozen

30 Flamerule, Year of the Shining Mythal (1501)

After leaving the Tomb of Sextus Various we returned to Rivenshore. Along the way, we encountered a lone goblin and an ogre. This ogre was not like Krug but was still a bit of a handful. We were able to defeat both of them without serious injury and after an uneventful night of camp we continued home.

We visited the Abbot and gave him a report of what we found in the tomb. We did not tell him about the Delian Order and thankfully he didn't really ask a lot of questions either. Kanjiclan asked the Abbot if we can use his library for research and he agreed to do so.  We searched for information on the Delian Order but were unable to find anything about them. Jaden decided to acquire some new armor and then we retired for the evening before departing to search for the Keep Sextus Varius mentioned in the north west.

Our journey to the Keep was uneventful thankfully and our overnight camp was quite too.  As we kept moving into the mountains we came across what appeared to be a man frozen into a very lifelike statue. This frozen hero was unlike anything we had ever seen before. The ice was very unnatural. Cargiroth was able to break a piece of jewelry off the man and it was a emblem of the Delian Order.  A thorough inspection of the man also revealed that he was very much dead and had been for many years.

We continued up into the mountains and as we approached a hidden valley we could hear the sounds of a battle.  We entered into the valley and found the gates of a castle under seige by kobolds and some of the venoc vipers we encounterd in the tomb. We entered the conflict from behind and caught many of the kobolds unaware. While we fought the enemies at the gate, the people in the keep seemed to stop fighting back.  We defeated the enemies and a call came out from the top of the gate tower "Who are you?"  Before we could answer there was a roar from the sky. The clouds had fallen low and were obscuring what was hiding in the sky. As we ran for a suddenly open gate we had to dodge the breath of what we can only assume is white dragon.  I was nearly felled by the beasts breath but I was able to make it inside. The rest of us made it inside as well. Now to find out who let us in.

- Acolyte Adrim

The Tomb of Sextus Varius
enter Krug and the Venoc Vipers

15 Flamerule, Year of the Shining Mythal (1501)

A few days ago, Abbot Brightreaver asked us to visit him in the cathedral.  Upon our arrival he informed us that Verosely has sent word that while tracking the kobolds to the south the party split.  The largest group of kobolds continued on south towards the lighthouse while a smaller party has moved off to the east in to the woods.  The Abbot asked us to go and see what was going on with that group.  Before we left the Abbot gifted us with some items from his personal collection that he felt would help us with our adventures.  Jaden received Gauntlets of Ogre Power. Cargiroth was given a Belt of Returning. Kanjiclan was given a Ring of Spell Storing. While I was not given anything new it would appear that I am going to be able to keep the Ring of Healing I have been using that belongs to the Abbot as well.

After receiving our gifts we departed along the road south to follow these kobolds.  It took a little over a day to find where they were and thankfully our night watch went by uneventfully. We found the kobolds outside a tomb and after watching them for a while determined the patrol pattern that they were using and prepared to take them unaware. Kanjiclan was able to put one of the kobolds to sleep. We were hoping to ask him some questions. Unfortunately, Kanjiclan was a little two forceful while waking him back up and he died. Kobolds are quite fragile.

We entered the tomb and discovered a mural on one wall depicting a battle with strange beasts and creatures fighting a mighty warrior.  We would learn that this warrior was Sextus Varius. We also discovered an oath carved into the wall opposite of the mural.  There were a few kobolds in this first room and we were able to discover that they were being forced to work for someone named Krug. We defeated these kobolds and after having some trouble with a scythe trap we made our way to the next room.

We were not really prepared for what we faced in this room.  Here we found one of the largest ogres I have ever seen. He was far more armored and better equipped than other ogres as well. This was Krug. With him were two creatures that were very deadly. We learned they are called Venoc Vipers. These venocs are very quick and quite poisonous. Every strike they make againt you they poison tries to enter the wound as well.  Krug warned us to leave but we stood our ground and fought them. Cargiroth and Kanjiclan almost fell after one attack from a viper but in the end we overpowered both vipers and Krug. This was when things became interesting.

In this room there was a statue on a pedestal and carved into the stones leading up to the statue were these words:

"If you are to keep this, you must first give it to me "

It turned out there was a hidden doorway in this chamber and the answer to the riddle opend the door. The words carved into the wall of the first room were an oath. 

I, Sextus Varius, swear the Delian Oath. To serve law, battle chaos, and strive to keep the Delian lore secret.

Each of us in turn gave the oath and the door opened at the rear of this room.  Inside we saw the ghost of Sextus Varius.  He told us about the Delian Order. There were other zombies and skeletons in this room. Sextus Varius was a member of the Delian Order who fell many many years ago and this was his tomb. Krug and the venoc vipers were trying to enter his tomb to find any information about where the Delian Order were hidden.  Sextus told us there was a Keep to the Northwest hidden in the mountains were member of his order were once based. If we are to learn more about the Delian Order we will need to make our way there and see if any of the Order remain.  We have all taken the Oath of the Delian Order and to Sextus Varius that now makes us members of the Order as well.

- Acolyte Adrim

The Temple of the Scale
the one with with Dragon Cultists

28 Mirtul, Year of the Shining Mythal (1501)

Adrim, Cargiroth, Jaden, and Kanjiclan all made it back safely from the Temple of the Scale. I did not realize that temple was located in this part of the world.  I am going to have to do some research into this Circle of the Scale and see how their past plays into what this new Cult of the Dragon has in store for us.  I was very pleased to see Spernik has been returned alive but I believe he will be joining his friend Tibeem up on the walls.

It would seem that this group is going to work well together as a team. All have improved in their abilities and if we can help Kanjiclan keep out of reach of some of these enemies he will find he gets injured a bit less.  Once he learns a little more he should be able to copy the Scroll of Flame Blade into his spell book. Jaden will be able to put Spernik's scimitar to good use and finding a Ring of Fire Resistance was an excellent boon for Cargiroth.  I am especially please they were able to find my books. I believe they will offer me some insight into this large dragon scale relic the wight Scalebinder Skovac was protecting.

- Abbot Brightreaver

Basement of Rats
a mystery solved

8 Tarsakh, Year of the Shining Mythal (1501)

Our two young dragonborn wards along with Jaden had quite an adventure today. While enjoying a meal at the tavern, Maeve ran upstairs screaming about giant rats walking around on their hind legs. Not to be discouraged by this sudden outburst the three young men ran to the basement to see what the fuss was about.  While initially only encountering a couple of larger than normal rats, they soon came face to face with a couple of bi-pedal giant rats caring swords no less.

One of these rats was able to escape into a series of tunnels below the tavern.  Jaden, Kanjiclan and Vrakjhan gave chase and followed it into the tunnels.  Through various rooms they were able to find and kill, 9 of these giant beasts including one that appears to be their leader.  Most troubling to note is that last room had a large series of tunnels that appeared to go off in various directions. The village elders will need decide what to do about this series of tunnels very soon.  At the very least we will be sealing off the basement of the tavern from the caverns.  

Of note, It would seem young Adrim found his way down into the tunnels on his own prior to all of this excitement. In fact, he may have led these beasts to find their way to the tavern accidentally.  It seems he noticed the hole in the floor and wandered below to explore. He did find a large pool of water in the tunnel that contained quite of bit of coin. It looks like all the coins people toss into the wishing well do end up some place.  The four of them gave the money to the Temple as a donation.  Adrim also returned with the ring I asked the others to give to him when he found it.  Kanjiclan is an interesting fellow. His knowledge of the arcane is quite impressive and he was able to determine the workings of the ring without guidance.

- Abbot Brightreaver


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